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The Town has six different departments under the direction of the Town Manager:

Appointed by the Town Council, the Town Manager oversees the daily operations of town services based on town policies. 

Town Clerk-Assistant to the Town Manager:
Appointed by the Town Council, the Town Clerk works in coordination with the  Town Manager and Town Attorney and all other governmental offices. The Town Clerk electronically records all minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and contracts approved by Council and is responsible for the codification of the Town Code and its distribution. As assistant to the Town Manager, the position serves as the Human Resource Director and Town Budget coordinator for the Office of the Town Manager.

Police Department
The Police Department enforces the laws within the Town of South Boston, providing a safe and peaceful environment.

The Fire Department suppresses and prevents fires and provides emergency medical services within the Town of South Boston.

Parks & Recreation Department:
Parks and Recreation provide a variety of activities and places that allow residents to relax and enjoy some fun with the Town of South Boston.

The Planning Department of South Boston anticipates the future needs of the Town and implements orderly physical development within South Boston.

Public Works Department:
The Public Works Department is responsible of the maintenance and care of the Town of South Boston.

The Finance Department handles all funds, investments, and taxes of the Town of South Boston.